Bipolar Insomniac


One of the most annoying things about being in my situation is the insomnia.

Insomnia is one of the aspects of my mental health issues I could with out.  I could take sleeping tablets but the problem is 1) they are addictive and 2) you don’t truly get any sleep.  The pills just knock you out.

The worst thing about my insomnia is not necessarily the effect on me (crabby, snappy, easily annoyed and aggressive) but on my wife, Sarah.  Because I can’t sleep for some reason neither can see.

Insomnia is also boring as hell.  You end up watching endless repeats on the TV, playing video games you suck at, reading books you’ve read a dozen times before or staring into the darkness at the ceiling praying for the sandman to visit you and deliver you a night of pure uninterrupted sleep.  Sometimes it happens but due to the meds…

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About martinupfold

Hi I am Martin Upfold and I am a father, husband, army veteran, student of photography and citizen journalist. Dealing with bipolar and depression, tackling it head on. I am sustained by my lovely wife Sarah and we have two beautiful sons Brendan, our youngest and Kieran, our eldest who has Aspergers Syndrome which is on the Autistic Spectrum. What I do to cope with my situation is to do photography and occasionally blog about it.
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