More Bipolar Me- blogging

Last night I went to the Sheffield Bloggers Network meet up (@sheffblog follow them on twitter)  and shared a room with like minded individuals, even bumping into friends.  It’s weird when you sit down for a pint, open a blog and the very person who’s blog you are reading calls out “lash” to you in the bar.  Talk about timing.  Looking at you Pat Pinder (@aSteelCityman)

The talks were friendly, interesting and informative.  The only problem I have is the concentration on monetisation of blogs.  Which is great in itself if you blog about health, beauty, fitness, football and maybe weddings but I blog about my mental health.  So I have difficulty seeing how I can turn my mental health issues in to a small amount of income.  The thing I’m interested in is building an audience, a following of people who read and react – negatively or better still positively – to my blogs.

Karl, who is a great guy- health, well being and fitness instructor.  Pointed out that I could monetise my blog by talking about holistic therapies and things connected to condition in life but we will wait and see.  It is a problem I will grapple with in time.

People have always praised me for my honesty and openness in my blogs.  It’s all I can be.  My mental health issues are what the are.  Sometimes I don’t feel like blogging but I do, it is in a way a form of therapy in itself.

As the old saying goes- “a problem shared, is a problem halved”

I want people to share in my highs and the lows that I experience in my everyday life.  So my personal mission is to blog at least once a week to once a month and see if people find me and find something I say worthy of them to read.

Well let me know what you think and follow me and my misadventures on twitter at @lash1978

Any question feel free to ask me on here or email me at –



About martinupfold

Hi I am Martin Upfold and I am a father, husband, army veteran, student of photography and citizen journalist. Dealing with bipolar and depression, tackling it head on. I am sustained by my lovely wife Sarah and we have two beautiful sons Brendan, our youngest and Kieran, our eldest who has Aspergers Syndrome which is on the Autistic Spectrum. What I do to cope with my situation is to do photography and occasionally blog about it.
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