Another sleepless night with Kieran

Tonight has been a night where my sons autism has ruled us all.  At 4am my son Kieran decided to wake up.  This is not unusual for a child on the Autistic Spectrum (AS) to do.

It is more often the case than not.  Thing is he usually wakes up and goes on his tablet or plays video games at ungodly hours and it’s up to me and his mother, Sarah (more often her) to chase him back to bed.

I love him but love is a test.  And when you’re an insomniac yourself things can be tested.

Thing is, over here in the UK, it is the Easter holidays and with a child like Kieran and other AS people is that he needs his routine.  And school is great for giving him his routine.  It’s simple really.  Sleep> eat> dress> school> home> repeat.

Maybe that was over simplifying things, but you are intelligent enough to understand what I mean.

At this point in time I am writing this blog at nearly 5am.  So don’t expect a literary tour-de-force.  I haven’t had any coffee and Kieran is playing musical beds, so I’m writing this in the lulls in the battle and it is a battle.  Trying to reinforce with as much love and compassion that an overtired and cranky parent can muster in the still dark hours that getting up at 4 o’clock in the morning is just not on to an AS child.

At the moment he is cuddling his mother.  It’s pointless me going to bed as I know I will be chasing him back to bed, which ever one that happens to be very soon.


About martinupfold

Hi I am Martin Upfold and I am a father, husband, army veteran, student of photography and citizen journalist. Dealing with bipolar and depression, tackling it head on. I am sustained by my lovely wife Sarah and we have two beautiful sons Brendan, our youngest and Kieran, our eldest who has Aspergers Syndrome which is on the Autistic Spectrum. What I do to cope with my situation is to do photography and occasionally blog about it.
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